Top 5 Reasons to Join NY Play Sports Community

Our mission is to foster community. 

Community is actually what we're all about. Yea, we produce adult sports leagues, but that's just because WE LOVE SPORTS. Honestly, we would be an adult math club if that was our thing.

Our true goal is to first help each individual become a part community, then help them find and grow their wellness ecosystem (physical, mental, and social),

Worst case scenario: you show up each week, play your game, clean off your league shirt, and repeat.

Ideal scenario: each week you have a unique experience, build relationships, impact the lives of others, and walk away with some awesome memories. 

We love celebrating our community.

During your games, our awesome part-time staff keeps an eye out for highlights, from awesome plays to players enjoying each other’s company. We’ll share those highlights on our social media platforms and make sure they’re accessible to you and your teammates. 

We also name an individual OR team MVP after every game. Checkout our Instagram feed and double tap some previous MVPs!

Who doesn’t love a good sports stat? We track stats for some of our Basketball, Softball, Soccer, and Flag Football leagues. These stats are great for inner-team banter or just showing off at your office’s watercooler. 

We look to our community for new ideas. 

NY Play Sports has a wide range of playing opportunities. You can choose from multiple locations/neighborhoods, sports, gender modifications, and skill levels. We give a lot of the credit to our community for letting us know what they want us to program. Got a suggestion of a new sport or location? Let us know by visiting our ideas submission page! 

No Team? No Problem?

NY Play Sports offers TEAM and INDIVIDUAL registration options. Whether you’re a captain with a full team, the leader of your small group of friends, or completely solo, you’re welcome to join any of our leagues. For anyone without a full team, just register as an Individual and we’ll assign you to a team with other individuals. Then BAM! Now you have a bunch of new friends. 

If you’re not completely on your own, but don’t have enough to register a full team, you can also register as an Individual and invite your friends to join your new team. 

Playing with Purpose. 

Playing with NY Play Sports means Playing with Purpose. At the end of every season, our community makes a donation on behalf of each of our champions. 

For every champion we crown in a season, we make a $100 donation to a nonprofit in their name. 

NY Play Sports would love to have you join or continue to play with us; but no matter what, if you have the time and ability, do yourself a favor and just get out and get active!

Expect more out of your sports league experience. #NYPlaySports